Final Year Projects Session 2013

Registration Form PDF

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Dr. Muhammad Tahir

Group 01: TLD Based Semi-Autonomous Machine (TLD: Tracking, Learning and Detection) PDF

Group 02: Design and Development of On-Board Computer of Micro Stellite PDF

Group 03: Design and Development of DHU for Micro Stellite PDF

Group 04: Burried Body Detection by using Low Frequency Radar PDF

Dr. Syed Abdul Rahman Kashif

Group 05: Andriod Controlled Auto Drive Hybrid Car PDF

Group 06: Grid Tied Multi-Level Inverter with Power Quality Monitoring PDF

Group 07: Smart Grid Metering and Data Analysis using LabView PDF

Group 08: PDF

Dr. Tahir Izhar

Group 09: Micro Hydro Power Plant Dummy Load Controller PDF

Group 10: Industrial Energy Management System PDF

Group 11: Design, Implementation and Power Quality Analysis of Six Different AC Regulation Control Techniques PDF

Group 12: Air Conditioner (AC) Inverter and Frequency Control through Closed Loop System PDF

Dr. Tahir Izhar/Umer Shahid (Co Advisor)

Group 13: Wireless Electro-Cardiogram PDF

Dr. Muhammad Asghar Saqib

Group 14: Monitoring Energy-Consumption Pattern in University Hostels PDF

Group 15: Multi-Drectional Wind Turbine PDF

Group 16: Home Automation and Control of Induction Machine from Main Block PDF

Dr. Khalid Mahmoodul Hasan

Group 17: Electrical System Load Management and Automatic Billing PDF

Group 18: 3-D Mapping Autonomous Flight Quadcopter with Inductive Charging PDF

Group 19: Survillence and Security Rebot PDF

Group 20: Diagnostic Tests for Cancer and Asthama PDF

Mr. Ali Shafique

Group 21: Hexapod: A Six Legged Robot with Self Balancing and Obstacle Avoidance PDF

Mr. Umer Shahid

Group 22: Design of Robotic Arm that Copies Human Arm PDF

Dr. Ubaid Ullah Fiaz

Group 23: GPS Based Public Transport Arrival Time Prediction PDF

Group 24: Electromyography Based Rebotic Arm PDF

Group 25: A Software Defined Rapid Prototyping Plateform PDF

Group 26: Wheelief: An Automated Guided Wheel Chair PDF

Dr. Kashif Javed

Group 27: Text Interpretation of Pakistan Sign Language (PSL) PDF

Group 28: Gesture Based Security via Realtime Video Processing PDF

Group 29: Control of a Robot through Machine Learning PDF

Mr. Salman Fakhar

Group 30: Speed Control of 20 kW Induction Motor Drive PDF

Group 31: Home Automation PDF

Group 32: Smart Grid with MPPT based Buck-Boost Converter PDF

Dr. Suhail Aftab Qureshi

Group 33: STM Based Induction Motor Drive (2 kW) PDF

Group 34: Wind Energy System of 1 kW for EED PDF

Group 35: Implementation of Short Term Load Forcasting Using Artificial Neural Network PDF

Group 36: Bi-diectional Smart Energy Meter with Load Shifting Capability PDF

Mr. Mustafeezul Hassan

Group 37: Development of Smart Energy Meter for UET Distribution Network PDF

Mr. Habib Wajid

Group 38: PLC Based Smart Restaurant PDF

Group 39: Induction Furnace using Resonant Inverter in Close Loop using PLL PDF

Mr. Arsalan A Raheem

Group 40: Auto Geared Smart Bike PDF

Group 41: Intelligent Soft Starter Inverter for Conventional Air Conditioner PDF

Dr. Umer Tabrez Shami

Group 42: Power Factor Improvement Using Static VAR Compensator PDF