Dr. Muhammad Tahir

Multi-Sensor Based Detection Identification and Notification of Abnormal Driving Behaviour PDF

DHU for SUPARCO Satellite PDF

Autonomous Flight of Quadcopter in GPS Denied Environment PDF

Arsalan A Raheem

Distortion Factor Analyser of Non-Linear Loads PDF

PLC Based Solar Array Grid PDF

Maximizing Power Density and Efficiency of Single Phase Sine Wave Inverter Using HERIC Topology PDF

Dr. Hassan Jaleel

Design and Implementation of On Board Computer of Micro-Satellite PDF

Design and Implementation of Algorithms for Attitude Control Micro-Satellite SUPARCO PDF

Dr. Zubair Khalid

Application Control Through Brain Control Interface PDF

Dr. Ubaid Ullah Fayyaz

Simultaneous Localization and Mapping PDF

Dr. Tahir Izhar

Industrial Leather Sprayer Economizer PDF

Monitoring of DIstribution Transformer through GSM PDF

Variable frequency drive of induction motor with Regenerative breaking PDF

Energy Storage System Using Inverter to Meet Load Requirement PDF

Dr. Syed Abdul Rahman Kashif

Control of PMSM usnig SVPWM Based Inverter

Direct Torque Control of an Induction Motor using Fuzzy Logic Based Controller PDF

Conveyer Belt Control Using Induction Motor For Industrial Applications PDF

Design And Implementation of Space Vector PWM based 3-phase Multilevel Inverter with Data Acquisition Using LabView PDF

Dr. Umer Shami

Micro-Controller Based High Frequency Synthesis for Motor Drive PDF

Naveed Nawaz

Energy Metering With Theft Detection PDF

Protection Relays in AC Distribution System And Fault Detection PDF

Three Phase Inverter for F-7P Air Craft PDF

Muhammad Bilal

Implementation of Micro-Controller Based DIstance Protection of Transmission Line PDF

An Intelligent Automatic Phase Transfer System For Reliable Power Supply PDF

Usmama Elahi

Industrial Model of Object Sorting on Conveyor Belt System Based on Color and Height PDF

Flux Estimation for Sensorless Control of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor using SPARTAN-3 FPGA PDF

Dr. Muahammad Asghar Saqib

Development of a Variable High Voltage DC Supply PDF

Micro-Controller Based Semicondutor Tap Changer for a Transformer PDF

Load Sharing Between a Solar Photovoltaic Souce and AC Power Source PDF

Prototype of a Wind Based Generator PDF

Dr. Zubair Ahmed Khan

Impact Assessment of Grid Integrated Network in Hybrid Mode PDF

Dr. Khalid Mehmood Hassan

Implementation of WIFI Based Home Automation using Master Slave Communication PDF

SCADA Based Control of Plant PDF

SCADA Based Smart Grid PDF

PLC Based Industrial Automation PDF

Design of Automatic Starter for an Alternator PDF

Mustafeez Ul Hassan

Hardware and Software Design of a Satellite Battery PDF

Dr. Kashif Javed

Designing a Highly Reliable Hardware for Data Handling Unit of SUPARCO Micro-Satellite PDF

Ahsen Tahir

Implementation of Real Time Video Compression using CORTEX M4 PDF

Appliance Control using Android Application PDF

Soft Starter for Induction Motor using PLC PDF

Dr. Noor Muhammad Sheikh

Probable Heart Attack Monitoring and Detection System PDF

Surveillance System using 3G PDF

A Consumer-Premise Optimized Smart Power Management Scheme via Cross Platform Networked Framework PDF

Aqeel Anwar

Simultaneous Localization and Mapping Based Master and Slave Robot PDF

Wireless Control Camera Gimble Frame PDF

Major Javed Iqbal

Variable Frequency AC Drive For Running Three Phase Induction Motor Using Inverter PDF

Bottle Filling and Capping Mechanism Implementation using Arduino Micro-Controller PDF

Generation of Electricity from Wind Energy Using Vertical Axis Turbine

Design and Implementation of SVC and Statcom for Power Factor Control PDF

Dr. Omer Waqar

STM Microcontroller based Analyzer of a Power Transmission Line Laboratory Model PDF

Power Line Communication With Its Application Of Monitoring And Control PDF

Dr. Inam Elahi Rana

Crock Croft Voltage Multiplier PDF

Dr. Naeem Ayyaz

High Frequency, High Voltage Signal Generator for Insulation Testing PDF

Dr. Suhail Aftab Qureshi

Hydropower potaential for future demands in Sudan and Afghanistan PDF

Habib Wajid

Three Phase Power Quality Analyzer using ARDUINO MEGA 2560 and LABVIEW PDF

A Wireless Self Powered Micro Controller Based Monitoring Circuit for Grid Connected Systems PDF